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Genuine Handmade Custom Awards that celebrate your unique performance.

Your individual race is a personal success story. Every achievement has a different story to tell. Ragged Cuts genuine American Custom Awards are crafted by hand in Connecticut with the love, care and attention that you can’t get from a mass produced medal.

Our medals are as unique as you are, and the dedication to making each one reflects the time you took in training to get where you are. These medals have soul, each one honoring the blood, sweat and tears you gave to get to that finish line.

Your adventure was your personal journey.Your medal should be just as worthy.

It Starts with Your Idea

Send over a file, sketch it, describe it or even take a photo of ‘sorta like this ‘. Express what you want and we will put your great ideas into a design that makes you say …


1 to 100 – Medals, Plaques and awards

We’ve made everything from small trinkets for novel race events to a plaque for a 340 Mile Fastest Known Time Record.

Each one was personal, individual and unique. Some are one offs and others are made for a load of happy eager competitors.

Want Oak, Birch or Unicorn Horn ? You got it!

Actually Unicorns don’t exist (sorry!), but we can work with anything as varied as your imagination.

Oak or Birch is Fine.

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